Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Burglarized in Cleveland's Western Suburbs

My house has been burglarized. My jewelry and my children's jewelry is gone. The part that kills me is that so many of the items had stories, and I was keeping them for my children. The worst loss is my late husband's wedding band. It looks like this, only it was two-tone yellow and white gold woven together:
I also lost the necklace my husband gave to me on the first Valentine's Day after we got engaged. It was a shorter length flat gold chain that came down to a point, like a chevron. Near the point, three strands of the flat chain were fused together to give it more substance, and a tiny gold heart was molded into the gold at the point.

Also gone are mementos of our travels:

From Egypt, an 18-carat gold cartouche, solid, with "Michelle" in hieroglyphics. It was on a heavy gold chain. The cartouche was vertical, but the hieroglyphics look like this:
Also, an 18-carat gold ankh pendant, maybe 3/4 inch tall. An ankh looks like this, only mine was a little pointier and was on a chain that looked like little gold balls:

From Italy, both on a gold chain, an 18-carat gold Italian horn, maybe an inch long, and an 18-carat gold Trinacria, also maybe an inch. A Trinacria looks like this:

From Greece, a Greek key design 18 -carat gold ring, size 6-ish, and 7" bracelet, both with hollow spaces within the design and about 1/8 inch in width. A Greek key design looks like this:

Finally, in addition to other gold necklaces and an antique cameo pin, my children's three small 14-carat gold miraculous medals on chains that were their baptismal gifts are gone.

Lots of other jewelry is gone, too, but these hold particular sentimental value, especially my late husband's ring. If anyone in the Cleveland, Ohio area noticed these fairly unique pieces in a pawn shop or resale shop or some other place that jewelry is sold, please comment and let me know. 

I am broken-hearted. These pieces were tied to very special memories of my late husband, who died from cancer much too young, and our life together. There were things I was saving for our young children. This was such a cruel crime.

Please help if you can. I am a very forgiving person. I just want my mementos back.


kellie said...

I tweeted this comment to you too but, I thought that I should send it here too. I think that you should contact your local pawn shops and jewelry stores in your area and anywhere that buys gold. It's going for pretty good money right now and I bet that's the 1st place the jerk-off took your stuff too. So, it might be a good idea if you contact them and maybe give them a copy of this post since it;s got some pretty good descriptions of your items in it. i'm so sorry that this happened to you.

When I was a kid, my family's house was broken into. The worst part is that my parents thought it might be someone we knew because even though there was a ladder leading to a window, there were no fingerprints on the window sill and the ladder was so dilapidated that when an officer tried to climb it, the rungs broke. Plus, whoever it was knew exactly what they were looking for and where to find it. They took a small safe that had about $30k in cash and thousands of dollars in jewelry. They never did find out who it was but, it was really unsettling. :( I hope you find your things and find out who did this to you. I retweeted your blog post, even though I'm not in your state. xoxo Good luck!!

Jonathan Chiou said...

This is such utter bullshit. I hate thieves so, so much, and I hope that you recover everything taken from you. Your best course of action is to file a police report, and contact all local pawn shops and jewelry stores. It definitely helps to have them on the alert, and I've heard of success stories where the thieves were caught trying to sell stolen goods because this step was taken.

Nadine said...

I just saw this on twitter and am retweeing now. I am so sorry- this is so terrible and my thoughts are with you. xoxo